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01.26.08 :: Melissa + Mike

The 2008 engagement sessions have begun! We had a fun session today at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano. Melissa and Mike will be married later this year at the beautiful Rancho Capistrano, one of our favorite venues because there are endless places to shoot. We can tell that this couple will have a wonderful marriage because they have a great sense of humor that is very similar to our own. We had a great time with you two and look forward to seeing you again soon!








01.19.08 :: time for a change

I’m pretty excited about my new website we plan on launching in the next couple of weeks. Here is a sneak peek at the splash page and the main page, (blurred because it’s not ready yet!) If you have been here awhile you’ve noticed I faded out the orange accents we had here on the blog already but they are still on the main site. Our clients that have recently met with us, have already had their hands on the new biz cards and marketing materials with the new black and white themes.

I know it’s nothing new, you see black and white just about everywhere, but it’s still classic, timeless, sleek, and just plain cool. Who doesn’t like a black shinny car? My friends and family know that I’m a “Nixon” watch freak, I have collected about 6 or so over the years. I’ve had my eye on this one for awhile, and I was lucky enough to have Santa bring it to me this past Christmas. I know it sounds funny, but this watch pretty much inspired me to make these changes for the site and logo. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll get a new watch again, and we’ll see where we go! Or maybe I’ll get some crazy looking socks…




Our current trusty 2007 site:


01.19.08 :: B.Y.O.B

“Bring your own bottle!” Zakk and Gavin hanging out with Dad while Mom is shooting a “SweetBabyPhoto” session today. :)