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07.28.07 :: 7-degrees in laguna beach

Today I 2nd shot for Ryan Phillips Photography. Ryan is a great guy, I love his approach with the wedding party and how personable he is with the bride and groom. I was thrilled when he asked me to shoot with him. This wedding was at my new favorite venue, “7-Degrees” in Laguna Beach. This place lives up to it’s reputation of being the coolest place to have your wedding! This was also the first Indian ceremony I shot, and I was really taken with all the details, colors, and traditions that made up their entire day. Here are a few of my favorites while on detail duty. Thanks again Ryan!









07.27.07 :: happy anniversary to us!

Today was our one year wedding anniversary. The year felt like it was on fast forward, but we can’t complain, it’s been fun. We had one little bad memory about our wedding day though, it was because we couldn’t even enjoy our wedding cake. We had “Some Crust Bakery” in Claremont make us this awesome cake, but the place (I won’t even bother to say their name) where we had our reception dinner, down in Newport Beach doesn’t believe in air conditioning. I guess because they are so close to the beach or something. It was so freaking hot in July 2006! Remember that??? Our wedding cake was basically cut up and boxed up to go. Sad huh… The nice thing about our bakery though is that they gave us a free mini cake top replica of our wedding cake today! So we enjoyed it today in our nicely air conditioned home. Later we headed out to a nice dinner at one of our new favorite places. But we ended up coming home early because it was the first time we left little “Zakk” and we couldn’t stop calling to check on the boys. Talk about an old couple already! Oh yeah, I’m part of the geek squad now, because the best wife in world got me a new iPhone!!! Love you Erin!




07.21.07 :: more fun famlies at laguna

Today I had another family session in Laguna. First off, what was I thinking…it’s SATURDAY, tons of people at the beach! Luckily we started around 5pm (my favorite time to shoot) and people started clearing out. Once again, the skies provided some a w e s o m e natural light, and I’m lucky again to shoot another great looking family. Everyone got soaked including me, but we still had a blast.